Stragicon 2021-2022

Stragicon 2021 was an amazing time! We really wanted to meet new Tabletop gamers at this event and that goal was met with flying colors! It was an amazing day and we cannot wait for the 3 events in 2022! Dice Society was able to play a full game together of Rising Sun (with our usual fits, arguing, banter, name calling, and unbelievable strategic moves)

We added some amazing new friends like Alex and Mark D, Stephanie, Alberto, Tod H, and David just to name a few!

Below are a few shots of the day and a list of our winners!

Aaron (1st place Winner of Rising Sun)

Blood Rage with our new friends

Tables 2 and 3 of Blood Rage Tourney

Blood Rage Set up

Winners of our Tournaments

Blood Rage

  1. Alberto Q

  2. Mark D

  3. David M

Rising Sun

  1. Aaron G

  2. Ryan J

  3. David M