Dice Society

A Southern Califonia Tabletop Board Gaming Group

A Southern California Tabletop Board Gaming group made up of comedic fools and competitive misfits, husbands and wives, fathers and mothers, and amazing friends. We have members in San Diego, Orange County, and the Inland Empire.

Always looking for new Adventures!!

Most of us in Dice Society have been gaming for all of our lives. It started out in the 80's with games like Dark Tower, Scotland Yard and Stratego. Axis and Allies, Shogun (Samurai Swords) and Fortress America (Milton Bradley Game Master Series) were mainstays for us growing up. But, as the dawn of video games was upon us, our board games took a back seat for nearly 25 years. Well, these past 4-5 years has brought an explosion of awesome in the world of table top gaming and we have jumped back in with both feet. We have only just begun to scratch the surface of this hobby and are excited about what the future holds!

Ankh at Stragicon 2022

Dice Society plays Ankh

Blood Rage and Ankh with Level Up and GameToppers gaming upgrades

Blood Rage, Risng Sun, and Ankh are Dice Society's favorite games right now!

Rising Sun 4-Player Spring Season Play through

Dice Society's first recording session of CMON's Rising Sun. This video only contains the Spring Season. We learned a lot this session about what we need to improve our videos but we felt there were some entertaining banter with a little bit of strategy talk . Thanks for watching and session #2 is coming soon!

Project Elite 2-player Play through

Dice Society's first play through of CMON's Project Elite, played by Ryan and Steve. Sorry about the sun glare. This was an excellent session, so much fun for the both of us. Thanks for watching!

Gaming Sessions since 2019. The games that are in our rotation are mostly CMON games. Project Elite, Blood Rage, Ankh and Rising Sun are regulars on our table. There is also several other gaming accessories including the LEVEL UP and GameTopper upgrade.